The Magic Is Awakened
Series 01, Episode 01
Air Date 21 September 2004
Previous This is the first episode
Next Friend or Foe?

The Magic Is Awakened is the first episode of the first series of Shoebox Zoo which was first broadcast on television on 21 September 2004.

Summary Edit

On her 11th birthday, still grieving about her mother's death and uncomfortable with being moved from Colorado to Scotland, Marnie discovers that she is able to make a group of four old toy animals come alive

Full recap Edit

It's the worst birthday Marnie McBride's ever had. Still grieving from her mum's death and her recent move from Colorado to Scotland, she sees no reason to celebrate turning 11. But when her dad wants to go into an old junk shop on the way home, Marnie grumpily agrees. A weird, beardy man pops up out of nowhere and offers Marnie anything in the shop. Marnie is drawn towards an old shoebox, filled with four, dusty toy animals - a snake, a bear, a wolf and an eagle (which she's sure winks at her!).

The next day, when she's on her own, and using her cereal spoon as a magic wand, Marnie messes around, pretending to conjure the animals to life. Only they actually do come to life!

Little does Marnie know however, that the waking of the Shoebox Zoo has also attracted the attention of Michael Scot's nemesis: the evil Toledo, the Shapeshifter...

Unable to explain her new-found powers, Marnie goes to return the Shoebox Zoo to the junk shop, but stops dead when she rounds the corner of the alley and realises that the shop has disappeared!