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Shoebox Zoo2

Marnie McBride and the Shoebox Zoo members (left to right: Edwin, Bruno, Ailsa, and Wolfgang)

Welcome to the Shoebox Zoo Wiki, an encyclopedia created to build an online database for all information related to the BBC-created television show, Shoebox Zoo. Shoebox Zoo was a show aired between 2005-2007, and was primarily aimed at children but had some adult themes too. Your help in making this wiki is much appreciated.

The show's story involves Marnie McBride, an eleven year old girl, discovering the Shoebox Zoo, a quarter of toy animals placed in a shoebox. It is revealed that they are in fact alive, former humans turned into their present forms by the wizard Michael Scot for losing the Book of Forbidden Knowledge. Marnie is the Chosen One and given the task of locating the Book in order to restore the Zoo's humanity and end curses for several other people. Marnie is also hunted by Toledo the Shapeshifter, who seeks the Book in order to cover the world in darkness.

The show lasted two seasons, one set in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the second in Denver, Colorado, America.

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